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Parenting has been a struggle from the very beginning-just ask Adam and Eve.  As parents of faith, we must lead our children to grow in the truth found in God's Word.

The apostle Paul writes in Romans 16:19, "We are to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil".  In our government run educational system, we see that young children are quickly wise to evil and sadly innocent to what is good.  If the degradation of our schools isn't bad enough to force a parent to make a change, the fact that students are academically falling  behind adds to our urgency.  We cannot afford to let one more generation, one more family, one more child be consumed by the world.  

If you are taking the time to investigate other options, you are not alone. Thousands of families have made the choice to give their children back to God and leave the current educational system behind.  We want to help you make this change.

Our commitment to every parent and every student is to offer a God First, Bible based curriculum, that is woven together with rigorous academic standards, and individualized ministry and missions development.  We want every family of faith to discover that though the exodus out of mainstream education may be difficult, the promised land is within reach.

We encourage you to continue to pray and search out God's direction for your student's spiritual and academic future.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and/or enrollment information.

For His Glory,

Doug and Julie Dunnavant 


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