Sixth Grade Student

I think that The Furnace is a very good school because they are able to make the learning fun.  The teachers actually help you understand things.  At other schools they don't seem to care.  I really enjoy being apart of the M & M Fridays! They give me a chance to see and experience places, people, and ministries that I may not be able to if it weren't for them.  It's the best school I've ever been to.  I recommend it to other christian students who are looking for a chance to live out their education in a 'God Based' fashion.  The other kids here are fun and nice.  They each have become very good friends of mine!

Eighth Grade Student

I love the fact that you don't get judged here, or are put down because you believe and live for God.  Your character is more important than what you look like or anything else superficial.  The other students love you here, but at other schools I've attended all they do is hate.  It's been hard for me at times, because the work is intense, but I am already seeing myself get better grades and learn more than I have before.  My teacher is always there for me.  She is never like, "Just go figure it out for yourself!"  She pushes me, but in a good way. She knows our potential and cares enough to make us go further.  

Second Grade Student

In this school my teacher helps me do my best.  Like on spelling  she helps me with the words I don't know so I can get a good grade on my test.  After the opening, I like starting the day with Math and not wasting any time on stuff that isn't important.  The kids in my class are kind and good.  The best thing is they stand up for each other and help everyone get their work done.


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