A Big Thank You to Brother John

A BIG Thank You to Brother John Coleman for spending the day with us in Sells, AZ.

Brother John shared his testimony of faith as the Lord worked in him and through him as a missionary to the people of Sells. 

We pray that the Lord will give him power and strength for many more years to come!


Best Year Ever!

Thank you students and parents for an AWESOME start to the school year! You truly are the best students and parents around!

This is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!!!

Do You Know What a Tax Credit Is?

Want to help pay for a Christian student's tuition with money you would pay to the state in taxes? Did you know that you can get a tax credit for your support of a student at The Furnace?  If you don't understand what a tax credit is, then check out this video from ACSTO-it does a great job explaining the private school tax credit.

I encourage you to check it out, share it with a friend, and consider sending your tax dollars to a deserving Christian student...instead of Phoenix.

Thank You Parents!

We had 100% of our Parents attend Open House!  What AWESOME Parents we have!  

We also had many other familiy members and church members who attended to learn more about what we do and see first hand what The Furnace is all about.

A Big Thank You to everyone!

Thank You Pastor Tony and Sarah!

A HUGE Thank You to Pastor Tony and Sarah for their gift of a wonderful lunch and incredible private art lesson! 

May God continue to bless your ministry!

Special Guest!!!

We are excited to have pastor and artist Tony Lineberger, from New Life Baptist Church, in Phoenix, Arizona, come and present a special lesson with our students.  He and his wife will be joining us on Monday, September 25th, for lunch and the afternoon sharing with and teaching students.  

                 Parents: Students will not need to bring lunches Monday.  

Tony and Sarah are providing a special lunch for all the students!

Donations to The Furnace


We want to give a Big THANK YOU to the Intsitute for Better Education.  They have awarded our students with a total of $1,550 dollars worth of scholarships for this first semester!

Thank you IBE for all you do for our parents and students!!!

If you would like to thank them yourself, you can contact them at:

520-512-5438 or

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